Object variables
afterValidate() method
beforeSave() method
setUrl() method Sets the "url" attribute with a URL to this object
canEdit() method Used to test if a certain user has permission to edit post, returns TRUE if the user is the owner or has other posts access.
formatHtml() method
scopeIsPublished() method
scopeListFrontEnd() method Lists posts for the front end
scopeFilterCategories() method Allows filtering for specifc categories
getHasSummaryAttribute() method Used by "has_summary", returns true if this post uses a summary (more tag)
getSummaryAttribute() method Used by "summary", if no excerpt is provided, generate one from the content. Returns the HTML content before the tag or a limited 600 character version.
bootValidation() method Boot the validation trait for this model.
forceSave() method Force save the model even if validation fails.
validate() method Validate the model instance
isAttributeRequired() method Determines if an attribute is required based on the validation rules.
errors() method Get validation error message collection for the Model
validating() method Create a new native event for handling beforeValidate().
validated() method Create a new native event for handling afterValidate().
table string
rules array(4)
belongsTo array(1)
belongsToMany array(1)
attachMany array(2)
preview NULL
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